Hair Removal

The clinic is deployed with the award-winning system for 2017, BBL device by Sciton. This system is safe and very effective in all types of skin and hair and this is due to the very high satisfaction rate of patients. BBL by Sciton is the most painless and effective epilating system. With great parameter flexibility for all I-IV skin photons, it achieves the purpose for which it was made. Permanent hair removal in all parts of the body-face. More than 94% of patients are satisfied with depilation treatment with BBL.

Laser hair removal offers patients a safe, fast and effective alternative treatment for unwanted hair growth. The lasers act by emitting a specific light that passes through the skin and is selectively absorbed by the target, which can be an undesirable vase, a vagina , a tattoo or, in this case, a hair. The lasers target the hair melanin, destroying the pouch and thus removing the hair. Laser hair removal is a safe method used in all parts of the body including the face, back, forearms, bikini line, legs, hands.

Yes with the existence of the BBL system, all types of skin from type I to type V can be treated.

The area will first be cleaned with a machine from the skin’s superficial part of the hair. The duration of treatment depends on the extent of the area to be depilated. A skin cooling system is used in parallel to the laser to remove unwanted heat and thus lead to a tolerable and enjoyable treatment.

Slight erythema and mild swelling may occur in the treated area, but these may recede within a few hours. If any erythema or edema persists, consult your doctor.

For areas like bikini line and armpits with an average of 4-5 sessions you forget the unwanted hair growth. For other areas the number of sessions depends on the type of hair, possible hormonal factors …The most difficult to treat area (due to the large number of hair follicles present in it) is the face. It is noted that sessions are repeated every 1.5-2 months and that of the three periods of hair growth (anagen, natal and telogen) only the hairs in the regeneration phase are successfully treated.

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